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Arenoso Real Estate, Dominican Republic

Arenoso is a town in the Duarte province of the Dominican Republic.

Source: Arenoso Wikipedia page

Potential In Arenoso

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$ 1,560,000 USD
With 35,000 m2 x 42 US$, with a great potential for a large project investment. This lot is conveniently located 10 minutes away from International airport and very close to the beach. The lot has huge potential and is ideal for a large project such as condominiums or residential gated community development. It’s located at 200 meter from asphalted road. As you probably know, there are many factors that are bringing a lot of interest to Barahona:   1.  Undergoing construction of the 4 lanes highway between Santo Domingo and Barahona. 2.  Government is regenerating the beach right in front of the project with white sand and a cement barrier reef to keep the sand from eroding due

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