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Price Reduced from $420,000! Highest point in area. The view to the South is of the Samaná Bay and the other side is the Atlantic Ocean and rolling hills

DRL# 1459
Samana, Dominican Republic
$384,000 USD  
Price Reduced From $420,000! Highest Point In
Price Reduced From $420,000! Highest Point In
Price Reduced From $420,000! Highest Point In
Price Reduced From $420,000! Highest Point In
Price Reduced From $420,000! Highest Point In
Price Reduced From $420,000! Highest Point In

Property Description

Paradise with a View

Area:    8.31 acres,   55.52 Tarrias,   34,922 Square Meters

This Estate fronts the excellent tourist road from Samana to El Limon.  Electric service is available from two utilities including Luz & Fuerza, the top-ranked electric utility on the island. Come to this area and you will see the land selling for over $20 a square meter.

The view to the South is of the entire beautiful Samaná Bay and the Los Haistes national park.
As you slowly turn, the view is of cultivated fields, jungle, the Atlantic Ocean and rolling hills with tropical vegetation.
This is the premier building site on the Samaná peninsula, bar none; The finest view, the best utilities, and a great road adjacent to the property.

Samana is a destination for nature lovers and adventurers. Green, green mountains, long beaches, solitude, lively little towns in between, turquoise waters. Samana is also a romantic destination, and several of its small hotels are perfect for honeymooners. Samana is also a good choice for experienced scuba divers. And the place to stay if whale-watching is high on your agenda. It is the place to sit on a porch, sipping something cool and discover the rare feeling of being happy just being alive.

The exuberance of the area, the variety of natural attractions make it the preferred choice of those seeking an activel life. There is action if you want it. Horseback riding, swimming, snorkeling, diving, sailing — all the activities that come with beautiful nature.

It is possible to spend your days vegging out at the beach, but Samana is truly for explorers. Samana has a distinct European flavor - The French were first, but now many Italians and Spaniards have opened up businesses to cater to tourists in the area.

Some of the attractions include: beaches on the north side of the peninsula: Playa Bonita (fun waves), Cozon (fun waves, can be rough), Las Terrenas, El Portillo and Playa Popy (always tranquil waters). Playa Rincon is on the north side, but needs to be reached via the Samana road or by boat. Once you are in Las Galeras, there are daily small boat ferries to Playa Rincon beach, a spectacular 2 km. bay.

Beaches on the south side of the peninsula: Playa Galeras (about an hour and a half from Las Terrenas) and Cayo Levantado. Cayo Levantado is an island of about one square kilometer, made of a protruding coral reef which protects Samana bay from the Atlantic waves. With its lovely white sand beaches flanked by tall coconut trees, this island is a popular day outing with boat loads of tourists arriving daily.

Samana has some of the best whale-watching in the world. Every year, the excursions depart to catch the frolicking giant creatures from 15 January to 15 March. See the DR1 Whale-Watching Page

Los Haitises National Park. Easily reached by a short boat ride across the Bay is Los Haitises National Park. This area is known as having one of the most important rainforests and mangrove reserves in the entire Caribbean, complete with keys and caves. You can only enter the park with a certified guide. Day excursions can be booked from most hotels.

Samana has many caves for exploring. Check out the availability of excursions offering sightings of petroglyphs and pictograms from the days of the Indian settlers. Samana is known as the site of the first battle between the Indian settlers and the European conquerors - the Battle of the Arrows.

Rock climbing
Rock climbing enthusiasts should look into the Playa Fronton excursions. Playa Fronton is located at the end tip of Las Galeras. It is a spectacular beach, even if you are not into climbing.


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Lot Size: 34922 m2 

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Information About Samana

Saman√° (old spelling: Xaman√°), in full Santa B√°rbara de Saman√°, is a town and municipality in northeastern Dominican Republic and is the capital of Saman√° Province.

Source: Saman√° Wikipedia page