Oceanfront Land For Investor-developer


536.800m2 at 12 us/m281250m2 with 380m waterfront 13 us/m2Lots with a minimum of 25.000 m2.These lots all have a topview over the ocean and are located in an area that soon will be developed.

Dominican Republic     DRL# 2906   
$400,000 USD  
  • Oceanfront Land For Investor-developer
Oceanfront Land For Investor-developer

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We consider ourselves lucky to be able to work and live in this beautiful island and we work as a team believing more in finding the right property for you and giving you the service you deserve ; than in having a sale every I have been living in the Dominican Republic since 1992 and started Dominican Realty  in the year 2000 , after having worked twenty years in the tourist business. I am


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