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Farm - Ranch In Luperon

Dominican Real Estate Listing Photo
$ 600,000 USD
This ranch located in Luperon , Puerto Plata on the northern coast of the Dominican Republic . This hilly country side is beautiful with many scenic views . There is no house on the property . It is an active cattle ranch . The entire fenced in area is grass . There are alot of lemon trees along with an assortment of tropical hardwood trees . The property always has water with two lakes . Several streams are also a constant supply of water . The cattle have everything they need to do very well on there own . There is enough grass to support up to 100 cows . This ranch is located in an area where the soil is very fertile and just about anything can grow here . This ranch is close enough to luperon and the beach that there are alot of areas with ocean views in the distance . The views of the vallies and hills are on there own beautiful and calming . Green and lush this 700 tereas or about 120 acres . Is also a good site to develop due to the fact that this entire ranch is almost completely in grass . With all of its scenic vistas it is not hard to see the possibilities of this quiet country area . What ever your are this location is beautiful and quiet . Surrounded by the natural beauty of this tropical country it is easy to see how Christopher Columbus was attracted to this island . The site of the first western settlement in the new world could be your perfect place to settle .

Ocean Front Property La Isabela , Luperon

Dominican Real Estate Listing Photo
$ 366,724 USD
Located in La Isabela , Luperon , Puerto plata this Ocean front property is is very private . Consisting of 13,582.4 Mts/sq , 21.6 tereas , or 3.6 acres this ocean front property is beautiful . When Cristopher Columbus started the first settlement in the new world he was taken by natural beauty of this area . Most visitors to Luperon have the same sensation and are taken by the scenery . There is a public beach one minute walking distance . This beach is a small beach but private due to its location . The water is clear and cool , a tropical dream . The sun sets are great and the ocean breeze is always refreshing . The property is a cleared lot and the owner is willing to sell it in 4,000 meter parcels . He will sell two at 4,000 meters and the other 5,582 meters . This property in lots or as a whole is a great deal . Luperon is on the north coast of the Dominican Republic . Close to Puerto plata and Santiago . Both having international airports with many flights from the U.S. and Europe . If you have any question please contact us by email

Organic Cacoa Farm Altamira

Dominican Real Estate Listing Photo
$ 814,000 USD
Organic cacoa farm Altamira is located in Altamira , Puerto Plata .Dominican Republic . The farm produces Cacoa or the Chocolate bean as its largest cash crop . There is also avacados , citrus , mangos , and a little coffee . The cacoa grows in pods on trees . The bean is removed from the pod dried then sold . The average annual production is 800 kintales . A kintal is a unit of 100 lbs . Each kintal sells for 3500 pesos . This gives you an income of 2,800,000 pesos a year The there are caretakers who recieve about 175,000 pesos ayear between the 2 of them . At harvest time there can be as many as 15 workers harvesting the cacoa who will recieve 250 pesos a day . Then there are the other crops avacados ,citrus and mangos that sell comercially . There is also a large number of tropical hardwoods mahogany , teak , and oak . These trees have a large cash value . This farm has the ability to pay for its self an give a nice income also . On the farm there is a large wooden house . this house has five bedrooms , the roof does not leak there is an 8 foot porch surrounding the intire house . The kitcken is concrete and wood and is separate . keeping the heat of the kitchen out of the living area . The caretaker has been working this farm since 1964 and he knows this farm and its crops completely . Aldalfo with his warm smile will help you any way he can . He is the caretaker and extremely knowledgable . The cacoa trees grow under a conopy of palms and native hardwoods . They are all producing and just need to be maintained . Enjoy the country tranquility and earn money you can nat beat that . This is agreat place for the price and will sell fast

New House Built In Meditteranean Style High In The Hills With Beautiful...

Dominican Real Estate Listing Photo
$ 442,000 USD
Large house situated on the El Castillo, Luperon road. Quiet and secure location. The house comes with a clear title. Three large bedrooms and bathrooms on three floors. The kitchen comes complete. A dining room is separate from the living room. The terrace and three balconies overlook the ocean. Batteries and invertor are provided with the furniture. The cistern holds 2000 gallons of water in 3 large water tanks. Two are 500 gallons and one is 300 gallons. The house is ready for occupation. The internet and television are accessed by sattelite. In the garage is located a small office  

This Property Overlooks The Bay Of Luperon. It Stretches From The Main Road...

Dominican Real Estate Listing Photo
$ 1,200,000 USD
Quiet location on the road linking Luperon to the nearby Luperon Beach Resort Hotel and Puerto Blanco Marina / Yacht Club. Cool breezes blow from the harbor.

Ocean Front House 3km From The Municipality Of Luperon On The Quiet Road To...

Dominican Real Estate Listing Photo
$ 170,000 USD
1000 sq meters of land close to the town of Luperon. Situated near the road to La Isabella it enjoys the peace of the countryside and being on the ocean, the surf breaking on the shore.

Potential In Arenoso

Dominican Real Estate Listing Photo
$ 1,560,000 USD
With 35,000 m2 x 42 US$, with a great potential for a large project investment. This lot is conveniently located 10 minutes away from International airport and very close to the beach. The lot has huge potential and is ideal for a large project such as condominiums or residential gated community development. It’s located at 200 meter from asphalted road. As you probably know, there are many factors that are bringing a lot of interest to Barahona:   1.  Undergoing construction of the 4 lanes highway between Santo Domingo and Barahona. 2.  Government is regenerating the beach right in front of the project with white sand and a cement barrier reef to keep the sand from eroding due

Punta Rusia Cleared Land Loacated Directly On Ocean, 380 Tereas With Fresh...

Dominican Real Estate Listing Photo
$ 3,557,000 USD

Beach Front Property! An Entire Peninsula, Only $4 Usd Per Square Meeter...

Dominican Real Estate Listing Photo
$ 5,766,670 USD
Beach front property!  Only $4 US dollars a Square meter..  An entire Peninsula, with protected lagoon.  Borders the National Park.  Will consider selling in sections, Great investment near Punta Rusia area. 2,292 tareas = 1,441,668 square meters 2,292 tareas = 356 acres Contact us now to find out more about this incredible deal.

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